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A Scanner Darkly?

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I liked what. No offense, but what the hell confused you about the story?


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Arctor was manipulated by Donna to use Substance D so he could be admitted to New Path, the organization which was both secretly producing D and employing the mindless D addicts to grow it. Donna left subliminal instructions for Arctor throughout their relationship (a field of blue flowers, etc.), so he would bring her one of the flowers as evidence to prove New Path's wrongdoing.
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I felt it was hard to follow and the ending was a good twist.. I wasn't expecting anyhing that drastic to happen so when it did it was tough for my little brain to follow.


Downey was good ps.


I checked the first page this forum didn't look that active sorry I missed the thread!

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awesome flick. i saw some soap commercial that ripped off the cartoon shading gimmick. i guess thats the new thing to copy like bullet time fromt the matrix.

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