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Backdoor on MG site

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I just read this at the metro. Anybody know what this is about and where to find it?


I'm so happy Matt added the Backdoor to his website. I love those manifesto's and since I can't buy the book here in Whitehorse, it's the next best thing.


Thanks Matt!

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They never left.







If you go to This website, wait for it to load, and then click on the thing that says "a matthew good website" (its not a link but just click it) over matts face there should be a monkey. click on the monkey and say hello to some more in depth manifestos.

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he started writing one but abandoned it. some say these were the first 2 chapters:



but who knows


i don't think he is planning on another book due to this:


"Looking back on it I doubt that I would have bothered with the book had I to do it all again. I think the charm of the manifestos, and why so many people read them every month, was that people were forced to wait to see what would be next. I think the book is more a memento that people can acquire to remind them of that feeling of expectation. I wrote the majority of them in a little room the size of a closet in a bachelor suite that was the width of two adults laying down head to feet. Looking back on them now, no wonder I sounded like I was off my rocker."


but who knows what the future holds


i personally hope he puts out another book as i really enjoyed the first as well as the manifestos

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I have saved the festo's for all eternity. I have a pdf on my hard drive as we speak. I'm going to upload it to my website, so that you can all download it. As the pdf states, I have done this so that the works can never be lost. If the work becomes distribute, then it cannot be lost.


I would appreciate so proof reading, there may be some errors which appear as artifacts of the import process. There is an url at the bottom or each page, I am aware that is it there, but I don't have the time nor patience to remove it (since it's a manual edit of every page) I could recapture, but to lazy, I believe the url gives the pdf a definite image of preservation, and also shows that I am in no way claiming the works as my own.







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Yeh, that would be great if he were to put out another book, i bought the one he has out. I actually really enjoyed it, so much that it was the first and only book ive actually ever bought. Taking out books at the library is alot cheaper =) even if their late.

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