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Mac Osx On A Pc

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As some of you know and others will learn, it is possible to install Mac OSX on a PC.


So, has anyone here ever done it or is anyone currently running it. If so, how is it? ;)

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If I owned a pc, I would definitely try this. I've read a bit about it. It seems to be a fairly easy to set up and if you have it on a good machine, apparently it runs well. I would go for dual booting. I haven't watched many of them, but it appears that there are some decent videos about this one youtube.

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Nah I don't like the Windows-like KDE thing. Plus it's too flashy ;)


Gnome reminds me of Mac OS and I like that :angry:


Anton: Fedora is now Fedora 8 and it still sucks (as a desktop I mean) :angry:

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I'm not sure what all the fuss is about loading OSX onto a PC. There isn't any driver support, and there isn't going to be. So it seems pretty risky. You might end up running on only generics. If you want a mac, then it might be best to buy one... besides, you can duel boot windows on it, so you can still play games.

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