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What is the band that you have overpaid the most for.


I live in Ottawa. I try to see all the big bands that come to town. For some reason I bought $75 Police tickets.

I don't even really like them.


Anyone have a similar story to ease my pain?

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$75 for the police isnt bad given how crazy people got for them this past year.


i think anything over $100 probably isn't worth it, regardless of who it's for. i shake my head at those individuals who go nuts for U2 tickets and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for tickets.


i think at this point, the only artist whom i'd be tempted to pay more than $100 for would be david bowie. just because i don't think he has that many more world tours in him.


i've paid for some $75 dollar tickets before, but all of the shows i have done that for involved bands i thoroughly enjoy. even the openers: tool, with tomahawk opening, tool with isis opening, nine inch nails with queens of the stonage and DFA1979 opening.

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