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What are your thoughts on this? I was so surprised that not a single song on this album has the octane of a Vaccination Scar or a Lonely End of the Rink. It's such a laid back album, but it really lacks those huge chorus hooks, doesn't it?


So far the only song I can really dig into is Last Recluse.

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The more I listen the more I actually like it now.


Check out Depression Suite... It's a 9:28 long song that I've probably listened to six times today.


I've found that that's pretty much the case for any hip album....it didnt take this long for me to begin appreciating World Container though..

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It's got some really beautiful songs on it...Morning Moon, Coffee Girl, Depression Suite and Queen Of The Furrows are songs that stick out for me. Definitely mellow music for the most part, especially after In Between Evolution and World Container. It's even more laid back than In Violet Light.

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