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I have no issue with any musician branching out...I just have issues with them not staying true to themselves.


But dude, Timbaland is so rock and roll...I mean look at this dude, he screams authenticity:




...and the album cover, Cornell is such a rock star OMG HE'S SMASHING A GUITAR:




Describing the album as a whole, Cornell compared it to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon and Queen's A Night at the Opera




How you can go from something so brilliant and raw like this:



To something so overproduced and pretentious as this:




Is mind blowing. I mean look at that fucking video for fucks sake. THE WIND MACHINE BLOWING HIS HAIR. WHAT THE FUCK CORNELL. START DRINKING AGAIN YOU FUCK.


Trent Reznor put it pretty well when he said

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Lots of bands use wind machines. Possibly even a band you listen to.


It's not the wind machine alone. It's the wind machine combined with the cornucopia of other bullshit that makes that video and song make me want to puke.

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scream isn't a 'rock and roll' record. nor is it supposed to be.


I'm aware of that, but Chris Cornell is not an R&B artist. As much as you enjoy the album, and I'm happy for you with that, it's a horrible, horrible piece of music.

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