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The Question Above You Game

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Allergic to animal fur, dust, and most soaps.(It takes heavy and sometimes painful experimentation to find things that don't make me itch. I use Oil Of Olay soaps, Noxema, Aveeno Shaving Creams, and Axe body washes exlusively)



Ever get hit on by a police officer and did you take them up on it?

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still driving my parent's, haha.

but ford focus is what i drove when i first got my license.


how clean is your bedroom?

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Indian or Thai likely... I have a thing for spicy food, and I cook both styles regularly.... Turkish/Moroccan would be up there as well, though I tend to go to restaurants for those...



Do you wear lipstick, and if so, in what shade... lipbalm/chapstick would also count, just include which flavor ;)

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I smoked pot 5 times and that was it


most expensive thing you've ever bought? (other than investments ie. house, etc. or cars)


hmm..the only "big ticket item" i own is my macbook, and that was a graduation present.

my furniture has either been inherited/came with the apartment/found on the curb, hahaha.

i did buy a drum set once, i can't remember how much it cost me though.


worst habit?

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i can't remember, but it was in and around 24 hours.

i had been up with no sleep whatsoever for four days straight.


if you were an animal, what would you be and why?

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