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This Deserved A Thread

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what is your favorite NON-Animated Disney movie? and why?


Remember The Titans

-- I'm both a fan of football movies and Denzel Washington films.

The Straight Story

-- a film about a old man driving a riding lawnmower, brings a tear to my eye at the end

the mighty ducks

-- I have been trying to develop a strategy to beat the flying v

Sky High

-- teenagers going to super hero school. a lot of laughs in this one.

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Wow, they have so many good movies throughout the decades.




Return to Oz (great movie, incredibly underrated, very accurate to the original books....unlike 'The Wizard of Oz')

Flight of the Navigator



props to: Mary Poppins, Benji the Hunted, Herbie Goes Bananas, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

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