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Beautiful Midnight (us Version)

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well I have the American B.M.

it's not as good as the Canadian.. given that Deep 6.. totally ruins the flow of the album..


Everything is automatic sounds better in the american version though... its got added tweaks and noticeable guitar extras.. i like it better..


Hello Time Bomb has extra guitars and sounds like it has more depth..

Strange Days has more drums and is louder on American B.M.


Apparitions I really cant tell the difference...

Suburbia has more bass in it.. its so much more haunting..

but the addition of deep 6.. totally ruins the whole experience.

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the whole album just doesn't play like an album--it plays like a bunch of songs on a CD. There is nothing wrong with the songs, they are all amazing. It just doesn't fit. It would be like if Alter Status red was track 3 on Avalanche--it just throws it off.

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Probably because Deep Six does not fit on the album, as has been stated.


It'd be like sticking a Britney Spears song in the middle of Underdogs, but to a much lesser degree of course. It doesn't belong there.


EDIT: Sammy beat me to it.

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