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If You Could Name An Mg Album..

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I'd name one "The Best Damn Album You Would Have Ever Owned if You Didn't Just Walk Past it in the Record Shop on Your Way to Waste Your Money on a Damn Nickelback CD" I think it has a nice ring to it.




Matt could do a duet with Scott Stappe formerly of Creed and call it Matt Sells His Soul

bahahahaha!!!!! oh my god those are hilarious......
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or "Two Termites Walk Into A Bar And The Bartender Says Hey Why The Fuck Are Two Termites In My Bar? Termites Don't Drink. And Why Are There Only Two? When do you see only Two Termites? There Must Be A Colony In My Bar. I'm Going To Need An Exterminator...."














Or not.

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WLRRR should have been named just that... without an explanation of the meanings of each letter... so you could just make things up.


What Life Really Really Resembles?


That would be cool... and then he could announce it.. and whoever came the closest gets a prize or something.

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