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So I went to see 'Closer' last night...what a fucked up movie. One of the most depressing movies I've ever seen, and the slowest moving. The dialogue was well done, but the cinematography was basic at best. But that Natalie Portman seemed to save me from slitting my wrists.

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I loved it. It would be in my top 10 of the year list, due primarily to the acting and direction. I thought that it really gave Clive Owen a chance to be seen by a lot of new people. And I also think that it was a very important role for Natalie Portman, as it is her first really 'grown-up' part.

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i've been pimping this movie wherever i go, it seems.



the acting was remarkable, especially natalie portman and clive owen. julia roberts isn't someone i usually like as she always remains "julia" in her films, but she was more than bearable in this film, and i can honestly say she was good in it.


clive owen's character was the most audacious man ever, and everything he did made me want to hiss at the screen.


the most touching scene was one of the last, where alice says "i don't love you anymore. goodbye," and dan hits her. it made me realize how capable we all are of doing terrible things to people we love.


i found it interesting that throughout this whole movie, the four characters think they are doing the right thing by being honest and telling the truth, but really.. it kind of makes you understand the reasoning behind the statement that the truth does not set us free. when should we tell the truth, and when should we withhold it? is telling the truth a selfish thing that only makes the teller feel better, or is it something we are morally inclined to share?


my only problem with the movie is the very last scene where alice is walking down the street. it was okay that one or two guys turned around and looked at her, but when the third guy did it and made that gawking face, it made that scene laughable where it shouldn't have been.


(beautiful midnight, it's about 2 couples whose lives become intertwined when they cheat on one another. it's based on a london play).

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