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What The Hell

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Guest Prosis

Yeah the blue was only a promo and there was 35000 copies of the normal market one which is the one that guy's selling


It's all good

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LOL,everyone has a price,lol..........money=greed


But yeah,I'd never give up on that cd either,so don't sell it unless your extremely poor,and for lots and lots of money....


and if u ever do get into that situation,well looky here,there's a trade section here at the Bored,lol ;)

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Everything is overpriced on ebay. There are always trolls out there intentionally trying to raise the price of items, without doing serious bidding on them.


People sell their crappy white iPod headphones on there, and they fetch prices over 20 bucks. Talk about people with more money than taste.

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Guest Prosis
I got an autographed one from all four members (gloating nananananana ;))

you should give that to me

Oh..ok :angry:

thank you very much

You still owe me though

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