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Apparently, they've cast Thomas Hayden Church (the guy from Sideways and the tv show Wings) to play a villian in the upcoming oft-delayed new Superman movie. I don't know, he doesn't look to villiany to me. Who cares though, the movie's going to bomb.

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apparently the new spidey movie will have that Church guy playing "Sandman"


Im pretty sure thats what the studios decided on, they said that Venom was hated by all the older Spidey fans. Most people relate the whole introduction of Venom to basically when the comics went to crap. myself on the other hand think it woulda been cool. but whatever, its not like they're not going to make another spidey movie

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I heard theres rumours that the guy cast to play Superman (yea getting off the spidey topic) might be gay. Theres speculation that the producer who is openly gay, cast someone who may come out of the closet during the opening for Superman to try and gain more publicity. He also believe that superman himself, emerging from the phonebooth with his second identity could be seen as a spokesman for gays.


I think the guy who came up with this idea has too much time on his hands. I'll try and find the article online and post it later.

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It is Spidey 3.


Hopefully we will finally get to see some sweet Venom action.

"I'll eat your brains!"

Isn't it Spleens that Venom loves?

I actually have one of the miniseries where he says "brains"

It is so terrible, I will always remeber Venom this way.

The symbiote needs adrenaline, so it usually goes after the adrenal glands. From hobos.

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