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Also, to stay even more on topic, lets say cats did have butt to butt sex. If this became a wide known fact, do you think people would turn on cats and start buying them. I mean who would want an animal under their roof who doesn't eff like any god fearing human, like a dog. Not me.

i dont know, i think we should take how you thought as an example. you knew (or thought) almost all your life that cats had butt sex, and yet you still went about you life like things were normal. obviously it isn't that big of a deal. then again, you just had a canine in the house and never encounterred the cat sex first hand either, so one could say that maybe it only matters if you're a breeder of cats. and if so, your life is ruined.

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My canine? My dead canine? Thanks Mike. Thanks a lot.


Anyway. The thought of immoral cat butt sex wasn't always on my mind. You see I was a remarkably mature grade seven. I didn't find too much humour in the pictures of cat's touching bums. So I guess I always kind of registered it as nothing more than a simple fact. But I guess because it's not the type of fact that is reassured everyday, I forgot about it and it became less of a fact. Since my encounters with cats through life are few and far between, and I already had a mean hate on for them anyway, rare was it that I saw a cat and thought "hey he backs himself into other cats to get it on, I hate him." Had, say, my parents attempted to refil the void int heir empty lives after the death of my dog, thanks Mike, with a cat, I would have brought up the "fact" that cats have sex bum to bum. This alone would no doubt have put them off cats forever. After all, who wants two beasts secretly touching bums when you're off at work having sex with a janitor? Hm? Not me. Not my parents. And certainly not my dead dog. I can almost guarentee he would have been staunchy opposed to it. In conclusion, I contest that your average pet shopper would be put off by the knowledge that this so-called "animal of Christ" practices not just sodomy, but backwards, deviant sodomy. That's all.


Cold Mike. Just cold. What would Oscar say? "Thanks Mike, I'm dead" perhaps? Who can say at this hour.


P.S. I've been writing this for 4 hours.

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Cat related discussion:

There was once a stray three-legged cat that lived near my house, it was Satan. It was huge, fast, ancient, and more vicious than any other suburban animal ive ever seen. It killed someone's dog once.


Unfortunately, though, i never thought to ask it how it sexed its undoubtedly numerous feline bitches.

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