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Okay, this was just what I needed. <3 I love the name of this thread. I thought it was going to be something much worse, but, then again, I'm extremely perverted.


My male cat is gay as all get-out. I mean seriously, he's fixed, and comes home smelling like he's been sprayed. He also thinks he's a dog. I just know he goes out and has gay-cat-secks.


I want to sex someone butt-to-butt! *Goes out to try that now*

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Okay since I can't edit my post I have to post 'gain....


According to my boyfriend, wolves mate butt-to-butt.


He might just be fucking with me because I'm guillable, so, maybe you saw wolfies and not kitties?


Now we must have this answered, also!

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"cat sex is just around the corner"


Holy crap, I'll have to watch where I step lest I step into a pile of cat sex!


But will it be Butt-To-Butt or not?


Edit: I googlisimed Wolf sex and got this...


"wolf sex is something that i would try if i were not already romantically linked with a hungry antelope"


I figured that since wolves mate butt-to-butt I should just see... XD

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Having had the pleasure(NOT!!!!) of pulling up in the driveway one afternoon some years ago, to find the family cat "Cha Cha" being mounted "doggy-style" or is that "Kitty-style" in the middle of the drive way... I think that answers the question...and left a then 17 year old, BishopX...traumatized for life.

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