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So look. I'm not sure if this should go in the sticky situations thread or not, but I figure if I put it there that would make it wierd. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm or deny that cats do it butt to butt. Anyone. I've never had a cat, and I hate cats so I'm never around them, so I'm stumped. Please help. I can't sleep.

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Look perverts, I just need some solid evidence. Google didn't help me at all. Now I'm not a cat, therefore if I were to have sex with a cat, it wouldn't be called cat sex now would it silly. In addition, I know where all the love holes for kitties are, and to me it would make sense if they did it butt to butt. I also recall a book from my late childhood depicting butt to butt cat sex. It was in my class room in grade seven. Someone has to have concrete proof for me.

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i think ive found what you've been looking for.

haha, that is too funny...


also, how the fuck would butt to butt sex even work, does the male cat turn his penis around 180 degrees to stick it in...


i'm pretty sure they have sex like dogs...

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