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Future Is X-rated

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I've never used yousendit.com before.. to upload songs anyway. So I put my email address for the "recipient" with the expectation that I could just copy the link here and you guys can download it. If it doesnt work.. let me know and I can just send it via email.. or if someone else knows how I can use the yousendit.com page.


Here's the link.. and here's hoping the link works:


Future is X-Rated (SLOW VERSION live)



Symbolistic White Walls (EXTENDED VERSION live)



21st Century Living (PLAYBOY/ADVERTISING VERSION. *not supersize/ambition*)



Suburbia (EXTENDED VERSION live)



Win Matt Good's Balls <<< it's just so randomly funny.




I hope that helps! It sucks that there's a 7day/20 download limit.. but hopefully everyone who needs it can get it. Enjoy.

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