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Matt Good Is In The New Chart

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Best quote


I want to do something weird. Fuck 'em. Fuck people. Seriously, I'm tired of it.



And Mr. Good picks Christine Fellows - Paper Anniversary as the best album of the year. He also mentions Steve Earle and Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) as his inspirations for his "new direction".

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If I had a scanner I would. But to make it up, here's this little tidbit.


"I'm going to do an acoustic tour in the new year," says Good. "I'm kinda putting together an idea right now where it's gonna be kinda weird. I want to put, like, a huge screen behind me and have the whole thing as a choreographed performance piece. Like, with weird footage being projected onto the screen."

This is furthered by talk of there being only one other person on stage - a woman, dressed in stern secretarial grey, manning a bank of computers to augment Good's one-man performance.

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Wow, this going to be weiiirded out. He's gonna disappoint a lot of fans hahah, but at least he'll keep the real ones, and lose the retards. Maybe that's his goal. Even weirder, what if people caught on to this whole idea? He could be a whole new musician, hence why he put out In A Coma.

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