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Snow Job 99 / MGB Documentary on VHS

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Anyone interested in this? It's a great taped performance from Snow Job 1999 that took place in Jasper, Alberta and ran on Much Music. The performance is about 25 minutes long.


Performances include:

My Out of Style is Coming Back

The Strangest One of All




Symbolistic White Walls

Everything is Automatic


Apparitions is definitely my fave performance of the set! Also on the tape is the special that ran on Much Music in the Spring of 2001 called "24 hours in the Life of the Matthew Good Band". Lots of behind the scenes stuff and videos too. If you are interested, email me at [email protected]

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What a dick. I wonder if I have any of that still on tape somewhere. I'll check around. I know I kept a lot of interviews/performances etc..


If I still have any of it, it's yours. Poor Anna.

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oh man, i'd definitley pay that... i think there should be a rule that you can't sell things without a system until you've had X amount of posts or X amount of days/months

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