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Downloading Movies

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I've never had the luxury of downloading movies onto my computer, seeing how I've never found a free site. So, I'd love it if someone could give me a url. That way, I can stop waisting money on late fee's.

I have a problem with returning movies on time. *shrugs*

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I've been getting movies through rogersvideodirect.com If you pick the 4 or 8 dvd plan, it's works out to $2.61 total per disc and there's no late fees or anything.


It works great for me, takes 1-2 days for them to mail it to me and 2-3 days to be returned.

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We don't necessarily support this but google how to use bittorrent and then check out torrentspy.com

Well, we don't necessarily support drug use either, but here, here's a syringe, a spoon, a lighter and some herion. Google how to use those items.

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Anton's right though seriously i use bittorrent and i do support downloading movies, music, software, all that good stuff and really if you have a good internet connection and the torrent link has been seeded and what not its a grand way of accessing the information you want. Good luck!


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