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Guest jsunC

Anyone Else Pumped For Billy Talent Ii

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Guest apsham

I kind of liked the guitar riffs in Devil In A Midnight Mass, otherwise, they'll just be "there" to me again, I think.

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I can't wait for this cd to come out. "Devil in a Midnight Mass", "Red Flag" and "Covered In Cowardice" are all wicked songs. The release date can't come soon enough. Neither can Canada day when I'm seeing them live. WOOOOOOH!!!

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Atrocious band.

I agree. I did like the first singles when they came out when I was in grade 9, but over time I just started to hate them.


For the record, Devil in a Midnigt Mass is a horrible song, and has a horrible video. They're another trendy Much Music band.


So no, I am not pumped.

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Its here!! It rocks. Fuck yeah. ;)





Billy Talent II [2006]

[192kbps, mp3]


1. Devil In A Midnight Mass

2. Red Flag

3. This Suffering

4. Worker Bees

5. Pins & Needles

6. Fallen Leaves

7. Where Is The Line?

8. Covered In Cowardice

9. Surrender

10. In The Fall

11. Perfect World

12. Sympathy

13. Burn The Evidence



Uh, I think some of the track names are mixed up though.

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Yeah, I'm not so crazy about that song but this album sure has some good ones. Where Is The Line, In The Fall, and Fallen Leaves stand out the most right now. This is actually a really solid album.

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