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First Ever Nf: Caption Contest!

You pick the best  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. You pick the best

    • "Apple iChild"
    • "OK Jill, when daddy says go, run!"
    • "The trial drained his bank account so much that... the fancy masks anymore."
    • "The Freemasons continue to hide their secret identities."
    • "Luke, I am your daughter."
    • "although most people in... lucky that fateful night"
    • "the pink pants are for your sanity, there's a box... we can't beat gravity"
    • "The next step in 'cover-up' make up, by Covergirl!"
    • "Slash from Guns 'n Roses experimenting while growing up"
    • "When Jack-in-the-box refused to wear a... daughter; girl-in-the-box."

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You biznitches, I'm noticing a lack of new topics, so I've decided to spice things up a little. How would you spice things up you might ask? Well, you may ask and I shall tell you... with a caption contest.


Here's a random picture I found on google. Submit a funny caption and later on we can make a poll or something to pick the best one. WoodoOo.


The winner gets his or her name typed in




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"The Freemasons continue to hide their secret identities."

did u watch that thing on A&E today? about angels and demon nodnarb? it was all aobut freemasons.


one trick...i thank u, i am a new man. i cheer for canada, and beer. and red.

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