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what made you go mg crazy

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I picked up Underdogs after hearing Indestructible on the radio. I thought it was a great album, but it didn't make me want to run back to the store and buy everything MG has put out. Then, one day I downloaded the Bright End Of Nowhere from the internet. I cried. Then I ordered every other MG LP from amazon. ;) Interestingly enough, The Bright End Of Nowhere isn't even the best track on Avalanche.

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you cried? that's a little dramatic, don't you think?

yeah, come to think of it, it was.

i haven't sought therapy yet.

perhaps i should.



but c'mon, seriously, you've never been moved to tears by a piece of music? nothing ever struck a chord?..

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Hmmm Bright End of Nowhere once brought me to tears...


The first MGB song I heard was Everything is Automatic, followed by Apparitions. As soon as Beautiful Midnight came out I purchased the cd and played it so much (especially born to kill/running for home) that I eventually had to buy a second one. I own every album and his book At Last there is Nothing Left to Say, but I would love to own the ep Lo-Fi B-Sides and Avalanche on vinyl. ;)


Edit: meeting him a couple of years ago also made me like MG even more (something I will never forget)

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this isn't what made me go MG crazy but I just remembered the first time I ever heard Carmelina.

I was in my grade 9 foods class and it came on the radio. they never said It was MGB until after but I recognized the voice so I cranked the stereo up. everyone was writing some nutrition test and my teacher got mad at me for cranking the stereo and told me to turn it down. I said "after this song" so she told me to go to the office and I said "after this song" and she said that I had to leave the room now and I said "after this song"

so, I was kicked out of the class after the song was over. it was worth it.

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hearing "Symbolistic White Walls" on CFOX, then failing to find a website on him as only Dave Matthews sites kept on showing up on the results page. what sealed the deal was going to the Coq HMV for a live instore performance and that was the first time I saw a band play in a store before. Ian had like crazy coloured hair back then. I had only seen one concert before (Bryan Adams) so this new rock hooked me and then it was seeing him play the Coq Rec Centre.

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