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What Did Materazzi Say To Zidane?

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Apparently Zidane is going to be talking about this in the next couple days, and I can't wait to hear what was said. It had to be something pretty insulting for the guy to turn around, in extra time of the world cup final in his last ever international match and headbutt him.


TSN is reporting that Materazzi called Zidane a "dirty terrorist"... and tonight, when I was watching RAW (yeah I know...piss off. haha), they said an italian lipreader had deciphered his speech to be something to the effect of "you are a terrible person, i wish a quick death to you and your family...go **** yourself" (I can't remember the exact words)

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weird while reading this thread the story just came on on the daily show... and theres the clip!


Their explination is that Materazzi was chocking on a spicy meatball and Zidane was infact saving his life... that seems to make way more sence then any other explination

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