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The Following Things Should Fuck Off And Go Away

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- Blue Ray Disc

- Chipotle ...shitty word...people sound gay saying it

- Indie Rock...adding simple piano/synth to power chords is lame.

- Feet...they are fucking disgusting...wear socks/running shoes please

- Tobacco ...my roomate adds this to his joints...ruins it..fucking dick

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- Tobacco ...my roomate adds this to his joints...ruins it..fucking dick

;) i giggled when i read that, and thought "of course shade is one of those guys who doesn't put tobacco in joints".

you say that like it's weird or something. i smoked pot every day of my life for 10 years and not ONCE did i mix tobacco with it. in fact, out of all my burnout friends, i only know of ONE person that ever did that. it's nasty. either you smoke a cigarette, or you smoke a joint. you don't combine them.

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That's blasphemy!!!! One does not mix tobacco with weed, it's uncouth. And that blunt shit, is nasty. I smoke my cubans by themselves...it's called appreciating the finer things in life. When I consumed weed, it was straight up...it's like fine wine, you're savoring the flavor. Your roomie deserves a beating, the utter lack of style and taste. You need a new roomie.


Things that should so fucking go away:


Britney, lindsay, paris, and the rest of their brainless ilk!!! How about some positive young female role models please.


George W. Bush - I think we've all had enough of this shit...for reasons to numerous to list.


Band that do not rock - You know who you are...if I want to hear talentless punk bitches, I'll listen to that weak ass shit they tried to call rock in the late 70's early 80's...


Yankees trying to make southern cooking...unless I teach you, just fucking give up.


Dick Cheney - Hmmmm...your name is Dick, right? Fucking money grubbing scumbag, lining your pockets with filthy lucre, coated with blood of our troops,and innocent Iraqi civilians. Nuff Said


The War in Iraq - Does anyone remember a little policing action called Vietnam???? A total debacle from a leadership standpoint. We've made a big mess bigger, time to call it a game before we make it worse.


I could go on and on, but it's early and I have to be in a good mood to work on a saturday.

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must be a local thing, then. fuck that blasphemy and screwing with the pureness of pot, though. it's pot. mixing tobacco was about better burn management. very few people i met in my years as a pothead didn't mix. even people who didn't smoke cigarettes did. they were kind of a piss off cuz they'd always be asking for a piece of a cigarette. i wouldn't mix with an american cigarette. that would be nasty (or menthol). but yeah...it was about burn control. in joints, of course. in a bong or pipe, mixing would be dumb.

and bishop: i dunno about that wasting a cigar stuff. we used cheap ass cigars, so hollowing them out and stuffing them with a few grams of pot was an improvement on what they were before we started ;)

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Britney, lindsay, paris, and the rest of their brainless ilk!!! How about some positive young female role models please.

I could not agree more.


a positive role model I think would be an inspiration to young females is Lara Logan




not only jaw-droppingly beautiful, she is also a well respected journalist who throws herself in the middle of war-zones to get the whole story.


search her on youtube to see what I mean.

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- Bands who "sound like Creed without the Jesus." (i.e. Daughtry)

- National tours that refuse any regional openers.

- Democrats who are going to nominate Hillary Clinton.

- Mini-games as whole games... Rayman Raving Rabbids, Wario Ware, Mario Party, Cooking Mama, etc. etc. Was a neat genre in Wario Ware and Mario Party, but it's being done to death now.

- Bacarba

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Awwww, sodamntired has a girl crush and DOESN'T KNOW WHERE TO POST ABOUT IT.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up butthead



she's going to hear about this and then whenever i see her in the Cafeteria or Gym Class its going to be soooooooooooo awkward.


and i know exactly where to post it



and Hyphnip, I already posted her in the Hot Girls Thread, but it got swept away but some other conversation

Edited by sodamntired
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Then why for the love of god would you post it here? This thread is about things that should fuck off and go away, not unknown journalists who you think are better role models than Lindsay Lohan.


I am very nauseous from last night and have zero patience for this kind of bullshit.

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