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I'm having a hard time getting into new music. So perhaps people with wider musical tastes can suggest bands for me to check out based on certain criteria.


Major bands on my mp3 player listed by number of songs:






Rage Against the Machine

Moist/David Usher


Genres: Alternative/Rock

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Wow, I didn't think anybody knows Snake River Conspiracy but me. What the hell happened to them anyway? Sonic Jihad is a pretty decent album, I thought they have potential.


Anyway, I'd suggest giving Interpol a try if you haven't already. Also, The National and Bloc Party.

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I second a lot of the stuff people have said, especially Portishead, 13 & God, and Porcupine Tree.


Along similar lines of 13 & God is The Notwist - This Room


Massive Attack, pretty chill stuff - Better Things



Also you might try Slowdive, the more accessible version of My Bloody Valentine.

EDIT song by Slowdive - Missing You

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