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i am tired allllll thhhhheeeeeeeeeee tiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee.



it doesn't matter how much sleep i get, what time i go to bed, what time i wake up, i'm just so damn tired *a-wink ;)*



so what can i do differently, outside of pills and Red Bull(s) so that I am not this fatigued???



thank you..



i want a social life, i really do, but it's impossible for me to go out after work, because all I am thinking about is laying down and going to sleep.

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I heard a glass of orange juice and an apple every morning helps wake you up and stay energized.


Also having a consistent bedtime/waking time.


Eating every 3-4 hours.


and having some sort of exercise routine as well...


Or play some DDR. That always keeps me pumped XD

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