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Halo 3. Anybody Buying It?

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Yeah, it sucks so bad, that over a million people have preordered it, making it the fastest selling preorder ever. Just based on the amount of preorders, it's already grossed over 60 million dollars.

I don't see how pre-order sales equate to a good game. By the very fact that it's pre-order means that none of the people who have paid for the game have even played it yet.

The game could be an utter disaster, a shell of what Halo 2 was, and it would still have sold just as well in the pre-sales.


Not to mention, look how many people saw Titanic, or the Star Wars Prequilogy, by your logic does that make them good movies? I sure hope not.


Good Marketing? Yes

Good Game? Obviously it's gonna be a matter of opinion, but I'm just gonna go ahead and say no.


[This Ecnarf moment has been brought to you by the letter F]

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is adam back in non-gay form?


Halo pretty much blows, it's a great game for the masses who aren't very good at FPS's. Now the reason I say this is that Halo 2 had the biggest use of auto-aim I have ever seen, it was almost impossible to miss unless you were sniping but even then... Sure you can say "well I bet I could smoke you!" but really it's just a race to see who can get the best weapons. Starting off with a single SMG that can't get headshots? I'll stick to my Rainbow 6 and COD series.

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I was more in fact referring to the post that Halo blows, and hence my rebutle, that which so many people preordering the third one, most people don't think the previous Halo's sucked or they wouldn't preorder. The third one could suck, but like I said with so many people basing their idea from the previous two, that goes to show that a lot of people don't think the games 'suck'. And Call of Duty can suck my nuts.

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