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Winnipeg Show

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Okay, just got back from the show here in Winnipeg at the Garrick. First and foremost I'd like to say that Dala was incredible and everyone that is yet to see them on this tour is in for a treat.

Before the show, a security guy (who I used to work with named Waldy) went through the line and grabbed everyone in wheelchairs (and the people that were with them) and brought them in through a separate door and they were given spots just to the side of the stage where they were allowed to sit (which I thought was classy.)


set list

1) Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird

2) I'm Not Safer Than A Bank

3) Champions Of Nothing

4) Strange Days

5) Load Me Up

6) Born Losers (I got a video... not sure how it turned out)

7) Silent Army In The Trees

8) Black Helicopter

9) The Boy Come Home

10) Shes In It For The Money

11) Avalanche

12) Odette

13) Prime Time Deliverance

14) I'm A Window

15) 99% Of Us Is Failure (I got video of 14/15, have to see how they turned out)

16) Apparations


1) Pledge Of Allegiance

2) If I Was A Tidal Wave

3) Fated (yet another video that I've gotta see how it turned out)

4) Suburbia(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

5) The Fine Art Of Falling Apart (also, OMG to the max!)


Easily the best Matt Good show I've been to. I wish there was a second show.

I'll have to gat the pics/videos off my camera (which, I might add, I had to sneak in because they said we weren't allowed cameras! FUCKERS!)

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Champions and 99% were great live! I really enjoyed them

Dave, do you remember the part where Matt mentioned Saskatoon and some people were booing and he said "Come on, they're in a whole different province. If you're going to boo someone, at least boo a city in the same province." and someone yelled out "FUCK BRANDON!" and people cheered that? that was one of my favorite parts... because I was the guy that yelled fuck brandon.

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I KNOW! I laughed so hard at that!

"Um, I just played Suburbia. geez, way to keep up with the catalogue"

I also enjoyed "okay, you've gotta turn down these lights because whenever I look at my hand it's like a searing pain goes into my brain and I can't see, and this (Avalanche) is the wrong fucking song for that to happen on"

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I'm working on uploading my videos but am having some problems with them... fuck


Okay, I managed to upload a video to a site called VEOH but I now realize that standing next to the speaker was not a great idea when it comes to videos...

so here is Fated with shitty sound

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