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Your Keys, Show Me Them

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from right to left (front to back): house key, room key, laundry room, shed, backdoor, boyfriend's apartment complex, parents' house.

and a souvenir for character. all facing the same way.

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I'll play. :angry:




OK, front door, back door, LED light, old whistle from Girl Guide days, United keychain. (Some buy theirs in Paris, I buy mine at Old Trafford. ;))

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Mine are pretty basic. I have the key to my bff's house (semi-roommate), and the key to where I live on a Nine West Key chain that came with one of my purses. My Jeep key and remote are on their own, on an elastic because I often have it around my wrist, ready to use as a weapon if needed and I don't like having several keys dangling while I'm driving because I'm obsessive compulsive. Also, it's makes for taking up less pocket room when I go out without a purse.


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it rotates out by the small circular thing at the very opposite end of where it connects to the keyring.




Big version of the same thing. Should have called it a snap-lock knife.

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Yeah, if he's anything like me. ;)


i have cut many a coffee cup with it.


Truth. Cut them artfully too, if I do say so myself. Note: The Kawi keyfob is squishy, and the key itself is chipped.

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For Lauren:




From L to R:


1. I have no fucking idea

2. Mailbox

3. Yard's gate

4. Apartment lower lock that I never use

5. Parents' house

6. Parents' mailbox

7. My cute devilish keychain

8. Apartment

9. Car

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1. keys to my car

2. key to my parents townhouse

3. Bad Religion key chain

4. exterior key to my apartment

5. my apartment key

6. mailbox key

7. las vegas key chain mu parents got me

8. Chrysler keychain

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