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Mats Sundin!?

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he cared so much about the leafs that he wouldn't waive his trade clause. and now he cares so much about the canucks he's going to graciously allow them to pay him (prorated from the rumored $10mil, no doubt) $5mil to play half a year.


watching him play against my sabres all these years, i got the impression he was a toolbox. maybe he can prove me wrong for half a year on a team i actually like. maybe not.

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^if it was a cash grab, he would have signed the day it was offered, and took home the full $10m. idiotic post. his contract will pay him a pro-rated salary of around $4.3m, which is 1.4m less than the initial offer, apples-to-apples.


he's a 6'5" 230 lb centre who has averaged a point a game his entire career, he can take care of himself out there and there's no doubt in my mind he'll help the team. i cant wait to see him play. he'll be on the first line, the sedins will be on the 2nd, meaning they'll be up against the oppositions 2nd unit, which will be much better for them since they aren't bonafide 1st liners yet.


maybe he was waiting to see if nyr could make room, we'll never really know, but from what i've heard of the guy, he's not willing to disrupt a team's chemistry by having them shuffle the line-up to fit him in (read: declining toronto's offer of wanting to trade him at the deadline)


my thought is that he wanted to take his first opportunity at free agency to really think about his future, give himself time to be 100%, and if he chose vancouver all along, he got to avoid the two major road trips, which is nice.

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Personally, I believe he can help push the 'nucks up to the top. His size, and skill make him a great addition to the line up. Let's face it, he's got the skills to pay the bills. They were already looking like a contender, and if the Flames falter, they'll own the division. This situation bears serious watching for the rest of the season. I predict a playoff berth, and a strong showing.

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i agree, luckily hockey isn't a one man game. i don't know the historical stats, but from memory, iginla isn't as much of a canuck killer as say, milan hejduk. sundin isn't here to provide defensive depth and keep our goals-against to a minimum... he's here to be the deciding factor in our common 2-1, 3-2 decisions. also, it'll be he who goes up against iginla instead of the sedin line. the common comment i'm hearing in interviews from people in the league that have either watched him or played with him is that he makes his teammates better, whether tht be directly (goals and assists) or indirectly (taking pressure off second line scorers).


that being said, i'd take iginla and phaneuf over sundin and any canuck d-man.

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