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Noise Pollution had asked about merch being sold and I didn't see it in any threads yet. So here is what was being sold in Vancouver:


$30 - T-shirts

$20 - autographed Vancouver cd

$30 - Vancouver vinyl

$40 - soccer scarf

$20 - autographed poster

$15 - tote bag

$ 5 - 4 pin set of Matt's art


There was also a toque and hoodie but I didn't see how much they were. They do take debit or credit cards!

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Yeah i saw it all at the show, but thanks for the response. I am really impressed with the quality and the variety of the merch this tour. Although the only thing I bought was the vinyl at the Vancouver shows. But who knows maybe I can justify paying 40 bones for a scarf at the show when I get back to Winnipeg, cause man o man were they nice.

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No, they are rectangular with a wide screen shot of downtown Vancouver.

Is there any text on there? Perhaps the tour name and year? Or is it just downtown Vancouver? Is the print a drawing/painting or an actual photo?

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Yeah, I looked at those scarves and though the looked pretty spiffy, but not quite enough to make me buy one. I did, however, get a shirt and autographed Vancouver CD. Too bad the vinyl weren't signed, 'cuz I definitely would have bought that too.

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I keep hearing about these scarves...what's so special about them?


It looks alot like a soccer scarf. Its Black and White or Blue and White Stripes with the Vancouver Bird on it.


It was spiffy looking but just too much for my liking.


The posters do have text and list off all of the Tour Dates on it.


Oh and Hoodies are $60. Its a Black Hoodie with a very faded Vancouver emblem on the back.

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bump. Does anyone want to post some pics of the merch they bought on this tour


I don't have a picture yet but I bought a shirt.


It's grayish, I think they had it as silver. It has the bird with something that looks like a map on the left corner by the shoulder and it says Matthew Good on it toward the middle but a little off centered and under the bird. I don't know if that helped but I tried heh.


I will say that the shirt I bought as yellow marks all over it that looks like hi-lighter. That's upsetting but only barely noticeable.

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I actually got one of the shirts from last years band tour (grey with Matthew Good crest, unicorns & schtuff), but to my disappointment I got a large instead of a medium. Anyone know if there's any of these still kicking around the merch table and if they might be receptive to a trade? It's been worn once, so it's still in perfect condition.

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I bought a signed poster and a t-shirt. It was too big when I bought it, but then after I washed it (in cold water, and dried it on cold/tumble), it shrunk to 2 sizes smaller! Now I can't wear it. I wish bands would invest in thicker t-shirts that don't shrink 3 feet in each direction when even touched!


But I like the poster, and I am happy to support Matt anyway with my money.

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