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2009-10 Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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And the champion is.... (drum roll please)































While We Were Hunting Rabbits!


Final Round Results

1) Avalanche vs. 2) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 11-14

3) Suburbia vs. 4) Sort of a Protest Song 10-15


Our Final Standings - Top 20


1) While We Were Hunting Rabbits

2) Avalanche

3) Sort of a Protest Song

4) Suburbia

5) Weapon

6) The Rat Who Would Be King

7) Advertising on Police Cars

8) Prime Time Deliverance

9) Man of Action

10) Near Fantastica

11) Empty's Theme Park

12) Born to Kill

13) Apparitions

14) Tripoli

15) The Fine Art of Falling Apart

16) Change of Season

17) Single Explosion

18) Failing the Rorschach Test

19) 99% of Us is Failure

20) Born Losers


2004 winner: Weapon

2005 winner: Avalanche

2009 winner: While We Were Hunting Rabbits


Only two changes to the top 10 from last time, The Rat Who Would Be King and Man of Action were both outside of the top 19 last time and Tripoli and Apparitions fell further down into the bottom half of the top 20. The bottom half of the top 20 came out differently this time though, with songs that didn't exist last time (Empty's Theme Park, Single Explosion, 99% of Us is Failure, Born Losers) and a few others (Change of Season, Fine Art, Failing the Rorschach Test) making the list in place of Fated (10), Strange Days (11), Running for Home (13), The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production (15), Everything is Automatic (16), Blue Skies Over Bad Lands (17), Symbolistic White Walls (18), and She's Got a New Disguise (19)


Thank you to everyone who participated in the process, I look forward to doing this again sometime, perhaps a little while after the next Matt Good album.

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This was a cool experiment, I'm glad WWHR is #1, as I feel that this is Matt's greatest song. I don't necessarily agree with the rest of the rankings.. but I didn't vote in any of the other threads so to each their own. Thanks for doing this.

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my sentiments also. Great job thanks for the work!!!!


Glad WWWHR came out on top as its my fav MG song. I dont get the appeal of Sort of a Protest Song though. It wouldn't even enter my top 40.

Whereas Protest Song is far and away my favorite song ever.

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