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Load Me Up

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Last years tour featured Load Me Up combined with Generation X-Wing I believe (this was at Hamilton anyways) ... but Load Me Up lacked the lead guitar and was kind of a disappointment. Do you guys know whether or not this years tours have had Load Me Up with full instrumentation?

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in all his recent tours, older songs have lacked any riffs etc. that dave genn created. in my opinion its to the detriment of load me up, and some others as well... the main riff was the unique part about load me up and what made it so addictive in the first place....

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Yah, I concur... Load Me Up is one of his best songs and the fact that it doesn't seem "complete" is just a major disappointment.... hopefully when I see him again in November it will have the "lead" or else.... or else.... I'll beg him to autograph my LoTGA album after the concert.... I'm just warning him.

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