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The New Wlrrr Merch

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Its an affirmative on the pink stuff. I bought a gray zip up hoody with Matt Good written in pink on the front and my sister bought a pink boat-neck shirt with the Alert Status Red lyrics written on it. I'm not a huge fan of pink but I really liked the hoody and of course the girls' was pink. What is with people thinking all girls like pink!

i wanted the guys hoodie but couldn't put up 50 bucks...the girl one was just...too girlie

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why are the clothing articles so god damn expensive... I gotta bite the bullet but honestly... MG should just give them away or sell them cheap... he's a generous enough guy, right? Anyways, they should be cheaper that's all I'm saying ;)

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i din't like the hoodies too trying to be sporty but i bought it from stiches looking (ewww stiches) no offence to any one who bought one though


i got the pink $30 boat neck shirt its so purdy


they had no posters at my show but i have the put out your light tour poster cause i ripped it off a electrical post thing muah ha haha


i also got a patch for $5


i wish they had had more girl shirts that were new they had the one i got at the last concert still and the one my friend had bought at the last one


the limblifter jackets were really nice but i hadn't enough money


i also got the brown auf der maur zip up with the lilac design of her siloette rocking out in a field its so pretty.

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I want a really nice badass MG t-shirt like he used to sell.. something that bad mouthes Bush or something... let's face it, those would be popular in Canada... something thought provoking too.. or crude... I miss the old MG a little.. when he was a little more vicious.. yah know?

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i bought the hoodie. it is not a normal heavy hoodie that you would expect. it's really light and kinda sporty. not saying that its bad. but on a cold day i have to wear the avalanche hoodie. its much heavier and warmer. nonetheless, for different situations the new hoodie is cool. i prefer the color and design to the avalanche one. Matt told me himself that his wife had been bugging him to get a zip up hoodie and he finally did. he also said he didn't want one where the hood was too bulky. so perhaps that is why it's so light.


as for posters. i saw one at the merch booth, but it wasn't for sale. and that was only the 3rd show into the tour so they wouldn't have been sold out. are you positive that they are for sale?

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