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Setlist For Matt's B-day Show 2001?

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Calgary Stampede

Calgary, Alberta

June 29, 2001




1. Giant

2. Everything Is Automatic

3. The Fall Of Man

4. Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance

5. Hello Time Bomb

6. Under The Influence

7. Suburbia

8. Rico

9. The Future Is X-Rated

10. Strange Days

11. Load Me Up

12. Flashdance II

13. The Man From Harold Wood

14. Apparitions

15. Born To Kill

16. Let's Get It On

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thanks! fuck that was an awesome show. I remember matt had a mechanical bull at the side of the stage (he remarked that since it was his b-day, and he had always wanted one) so during the show bouncers pulled fans outta the crowd to get there pic on the bull (bull wasn't moving though -too many lawsuit possibilities) ALSO, fans were pulled outta the crowd to play videogames on stage during X-Rated i believe. as well as the typical stripper dancers on stage for X-Rated. At one point he also took a blowtorch and lit the Sugar Jones cd on fire to the roar of the crowd. FUN TIMES!

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not that i should be mentionin other sites...but 'disorientation' has a complete tour archive. (except the webmaster hasnt gotten around to this years tour yet)


wish i had that good of a memory!

but i live in onterrible anyways, so it wouldve been highly unlikely that i attended this show ;)

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