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Ghetto rocker princess

I Wonder...

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I remember he once wrote in his blog he listened to The Audio Of Being and that he was astound of what it sounded like and the mood he was when the band recorded it. It was a pretty long entry but I haven't saved a copy. Maybe someone over here has it.

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You always hear artists say they make the music for themselves, first and foremost.. I cant imagine making a record and not listening to it, even if you dont want to admit it.

Then again, if its just expression, you may not want to relive it again.

Guess it depends on the song/album.

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yeah...i just wonder cause i paint and most of the time i think my paintings are crap...but there are those ones that are cool and that im proud of...so i look at them and enjoy them....i wonder if he has that...but its true that one is one's own worst critic...too bad if he doesn't listen to his music--man he doesn't know what he's missing...

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holy fuck that guy has an ear on his face


one time i read this interview with rob zombie, and he was all saying how when he finished an album he immediately thought it was crap

rob zombie (solo) albums ARE crap

hellbilly is fun, but pretty much, yeah

but he wasnt just talking about his solo albums, he was talking about white zombie as well

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On the HUB I found a MMM thingy on MG.


One of the questions the interviewer asked was somehting like

"Are there any songs you dont like"

He replied something like

"Rico & indestructable are crap"

(sorry the vids at home and I'm at school so cant get direct quote)


So that implies at least that he has reviewed his earlier work, and that there is some of it he wont listen too.


But I must agree w/ MG here, Rico&Indestructable are the only songs I really dont like, and whats really annoying is about 4/5 times I hear MG/MGB on the radio its either Rico or Indestructable. Thats when I usually plug my MiniDisc in and listen to some of his good stuff ;)

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Matt seems to dislike his own Music after a While.


I remember him answering a question at the Toronto reading of "At Last There is Nothign Left To Loose", that he hates all of Ghetto Astraunats, and many songs from Undedogs, namely Rico and Indestructable.


He did however mention that Born to Kill is as close to persect as he has come. This was right before the release of AOB, about a month before (the never played) I&I @ Much..... Sigh... those were the days.

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