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Metal - Maybe Wrong Sorta Fansite?

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A Perfect Circle




A Gauge For

The Butterfly Effect

In Flames

Killswitch Engage





curious whats good these days, i cant keep up with the music scene these days. A Gauge For are good, the guy has the most amazing voice, sounds like he was taught by Maynard himself. anyway fill us in whats good.

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i generalise with genres, i hate having to put specific genres to bands because most of the stuff i listen to cant be defined. i was just curious if you guys know of any good Rock/Metal bands.

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Tool - yes

Deftones - not all the time

A Perfect Circle - yes

Mudvayne - don't listen to them

Staind - sometimes

Cold - no

A Gauge For - never heard

The Butterfly Effect - never heard

In Flames - never heard

Killswitch Engage - never heard

Opeth - never heard

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The only metal bands you listed were Opeth, KSE, and In flames.


Listen to Meshuggah for some good metal. If you like in flames you will probably like Soilwork.



I enjoy Opeths soft stuff more than their metal ie. Damnation album.

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Tool - Love

Deftones - Love

A Perfect Circle - Love

Mudvayne - Like a lot

Staind - i love Dysfunction & Break The Cycle, but nothing else

Cold - okay

A Gauge For - i know not

The Butterfly Effect - know not i

In Flames - meh

Killswitch Engage - love

Opeth - love



Only heavy metal band I listen to is Simple Plan!


dude, Simple Plan are obviously punk you crustmomma.

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Listen to Dimmu Borgir / Cradle of Filth / Emperor / Anaal Nakrath / Dataclast


Yeah, i doubt amazon has any of those. Well, maybe Cradle.


I love how they do not have Emperor, one of the biggest black metal bands ever, but they have Dataclast, an obscure american electrogrind band. That is wacked!

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I picked up Hatebreed's "Rise Of Brutality" last week. If you want a good kick in the ass, get that.


Machinehead's "Through The Ashes Of The Empire" is one of the best metal records to be released in a really long time.

I'm sorry but you and i can never be friends now.




Converge - i am about to buy You Fail Me. I don't know a lot by them, but i've liked what i've heard.

American Head Charge - Decently good

As I Lay Dying - i heart the AILD, even if the new album is a little weaker than Frail Words Collapse.

It Dies Today - Just saw a vid by them on the punk show saturday, coincidentally. i'm thinking about picking up an album.

Parkway Drive - never heard

Saved By Grace - never heard


You should check out Dimmu Borgir (download Progenies of the Great Apocalypse) and Bleeding Through's This is Love This is Murderous.

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