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yeah i just picked up their untitled cd a few days ago, its amazing... and if you like these guys you may want to check out "kary", their previous band. they're not as good but still quite talented.

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I've seen Wintersleep a bazillion times. They're from somewhere around here. to be honest, i was thoroughly surprised to see a thread dedicated to them. I didn't think they existed outside of NB/NS.

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Well I figure its time to bring this thread back from the dead. A few weeks ago I saw these guys play the Media Club in Vancouver and I must say they rocked my socks. It turns out that some dude recorded a couple of songs from this and their Victoria show. Its pretty good stuff. I pretty much can't stop listening to Weighty Ghost... its an amazing track.


Wintersleep live in Van and Vic




Oh yeah, you can also find a few shows on YouTube but they're not as good.

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I absolutely love Wintersleep, they are the perfect band to me. Rocking, melancholy, deep, melodic, lively and lighthearted (from the sound of Weighty Ghost), stark, intense, innocent, poetic. Unique vocals, perfect instrumentation, great writing. Okay, I'm done gushing now.


I'm really sad I missed that Van show, I wanted to go but had to work, from the looks of the Victoria video, it was a damn good one (and the one I really should've gone to, rather than Van).


Almost brings a tear to my eye. And gets my toes tapping too. If Weighty Ghost is relfective of their current work, I am really looking forward to the next album.


the best thing about them...

is that they have many sounds within their songs.


I love that about them. What's almost more amazing is how each album so far has had a very distinct sound, yet is unmistakeably Wintersleep.


Edit: This is not meant for my ears. Not yet. I wish to be absolutely blown away when they put out their next album.

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Hehe, I have my sources. :angry:  Google, my friend.  Seriously, I just found a streaming concert online, recorded the audio, and split up the tracks.  Simple as that.  Glad I could be of service.

Say hypothetically one were to search google for a concert... oh lets say, something not unlike this one. And, hypothetically speaking of course, what would one put as hypothetical search perameters?... hypothetically. ;)




Similiar bands in comparision?



Whenever I describe them to people I say indie rock with a vocalist that sounds like a cross between Adam Duritz from Counting Crows and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

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