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Rabbits Video...

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it has nothing to do with whether you made a bad comment about matt... if you don't like the video... then oh well... we're all very excited about the album and the dvd .... and a lot of people acutally have fun looking for easter eggs.... sure, go ahead tell people.... but don't ruin it for EVERYBODY... it's a happy day today....



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oh man that video was sooo coool..

the art was confusing at a couple of points but the ending was awesome...


thanks "peter" for sharing it.

i spent 20 min looking for it and got annoyed.. lol

i was convinced my version was like the joke version

and it didnt have the video lol.

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I hope people aren't still looking for it...but if you are,

SPOILER (Highlight to View)
just hit the asterix in the video section when prompted for comments on/off.


Failing that, simply go to Title 17 if you're browsing through a PC.

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I finally found the video, i did ask for hints, but even before I got any, i got the video, did not use spoilers or the like, just brain power.


I really enjoyed the video alot, the animation was excellent in my opinion (even though Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam video was a tad bit better), the whole concept of the rabbits, was just awesome.


All in all I am very pleased with in a coma, it was worth every penny.

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