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I'm going to see it at one point, mainly because I'm a mark for movies with the Rock in it, and since I think it'll actually be good. I don't listen to the critics on anything.

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It was actually good. It had a lot more of a story than I expected and the story was decent. Only one part for about 5 minutes had the first person view and it was about the best part. If you played the game you're going to like it, the BFG makes an appearance.

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me: so, cool. you're with fangoria?

dude from fangoria: yeah.

me: nice. hey, you see doom?

dude from fangoria: yeah....it was god awful.

me: really? nothing redeeming?

dude from fangoria: you're better off seeing Saw II again.




and when fangoria magazine trashes a film, you know it's in trouble.

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I think they should stop turning popular/no plot/stupid games into movies. None of these games have enough story to back a full movie. The only games worthy of film adaptation are the old school 1990 point and click adventure games (Broken Sword, Toonstruck, etc..)

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I still can't understand why they'de put in the First person shooter camera shots.. nobody except the gamers are going to like that.

Now wouldn't that be exactly why they made the movie?? For the people that play the game! So why wouldn't they add that point of view in the movie.....it's a little inside joke for the people in the theatre who have played or seen the game which I would say is probably 100% of the audience.

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