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what's your favorite live album ever?

mine would have to be the allman brother bands live at fillmore east. i guess there are two releases of it, but the one i'm talking about is the more complete one, called "the fillmore concerts". awesome awesome blues rock album.

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hendrix's live at woodstock


nirvana's unplugged in NY.


silverchair's sex, drugs and image

also, their concert from Melbourne in 99, which I only have on my computer but it's my favorite.

I miss the days when I actually liked Silverchair because they rocked. I hear they're working on a new album, let's hope it will sounds completely different than Diorama.

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I've heard about 5 bootlegged songs from the new album. It's definitely not like diorama, but it's also not like their old stuff. The singing sounded a little wacky like his side group, the Dissociatives. And the music is back to rock, but, it sounds like like a "the" band and the grunge influence seems more or less gone.


Who knows what can happen between now and the final recording and mix.

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