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The "copy And Paste" Thread

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Hmm, interesting. The service provider in this case is Shift4?


Have we talked to Shift4 ourselves? It seems to me we can't completely wash our hands of this until we know for sure that they are not seeing multiple transactions coming through even if those transactions are not, for some reason, logged on our side. I frankly (pun intended) wouldn't be entirely surprised if the RMS did things behind the scenes without logging them.


At the very least if they only see one txn coming through that would be 100% proof that this is NOT us, and would prevent future questioning about this topic. You make a very good point as well about the timestamps, another reason it would be good to talk to Shift4.


My original theory in this case was that there was a timeout in which the original txn was succeeding but the register timed out and reported failure, so the cashier retried and the second transaction worked. I know that we have a number of RMS bugs that cause problems in this area. That might account for #2, since that portion of the RMS was not significantly changed between 3.5 and 3.6. But it sounds like we can't find evidence of this in the logs, which is probably a good thing to be honest!

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Joan Baez, Melissa Etheridge, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Chris Rock and Stevie Wonder Added to Presenter Lineup for Music's Biggest Night

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i'm so happy right now. my school took me back lmfao.


Dear Anton *********,We are pleased to offer you admission to Simon Fraser University.  You can expect to receive an admission letter and package by mail in the coming days.  This includes instructions on how to confirm your offer.
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