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Nf Tshirts!

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I just saw that there are NF t-shirts for purchase on the front page. Out of curiosity, are there any plans to add different designs or anything? (like a shirt with the NF crest of something?) or even other kinds of clothing (toques or hoodies?)

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i dont know. christys and i think toadman wanted to know if we'd ever do it (i think) awhile ago so i set that up and completely forgot about it. i dont know if we can put the crest up because it has some album art on it but if you guys come up with something, feel free to post it


edit: yes it looks like there are hoodies. we just need designs lol

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we could have members only jackets!!!11

HEY! I've had that on my name for ages now!!!!!!!! Look under my avatar!!!!







ohhhhhhh boy....... fucking lasugar!!!

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