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Being Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

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It has just occured to me that, by answering a small handful of incredibly simple questions, I could pay for my and a few friends' university education. I think this would be suitably ironic for the show.


I just saw a 31 year old Texan who thought there were 352 feet in the yard. How someone could possibly think that is beyond me on so many levels. Has this person never seen a yardstick? Have they no concept of how big a foot is? Have they never seen a goddamned football game and seen how big a yard is? Jesus, I could go on this show having drunk a bottle of whisky and still do better than that dumbass did. Honestly. All you have to do to win a million bucks is to outsmart a fifth grader. Remember when Who Wants to be a Millionaire was on and only the most brilliant computer engineers could win? Society sure has degraded.

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What the hell? Those idiots deserve to be mocked, and Foxworthy does a solid job of not outright insulting them.

Oh totally, but he does that schtick for every question, even the ones where the contestant confidently gives the correct answer. It just gets boring after about 10 minutes.

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Every time I've watched that show I've gotten every question right except the ones based on American culture (ie: which president served during blah blah blah.)


It's annoying how for EVERY question the host goes all melodramatic. The question can be incredibly easy and obvious to EVERYONE, and he'll be like "lets see what your classmate wrote...he put the same thing as you, which means if it's wrong you're going home."


I also feel bad that no one chooses the cute blonde girl. She always looks so enthusiastic. The chubby nerd is the most popular, but people always pick him first and then do grade 1 subjects. SO STUPID. If you think he's the smartest, either save him until you work your way up, or tackle the big stuff first. Fucking idiots.

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