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What Do You Do While Your Sleeping?

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Anyone do anything cool while they're sleeping?


I talk in my sleep, But I think that's about it.


My sister talks in her sleep as well (I've had conversations with her while she was sleeping which were.. pretty great.), And she gets up and walks around, sometimes taking people's pillows... for some reason I only ever hear her speaking gibberish or talking about cats though. And we don't have a cat.


Also, has it gotten you into trouble? Said something you shouldn't while sleeping?

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I can apparently get up (eyes open), put on my glasses, pants, then walk up a set of stairs, into a Garage, turn on the lights along the way, then turn off the sprinkler that was running, walk all the way back down the set of stairs, get undressed, put my glasses back where they were, carry a conversation about the sprinkler. Wake up the next day and not have a clue that I did all of that until my girlfriend tells me that I did.

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I talk in my sleep, and I can never stay still. If I'm in a large bed I sleep diagonally, and if it's a small bed no one else is aloud near me, mostly becuase I'll end up kicking them off the bed. I've been told I snore on occasion by some people, and I've been told that I don't. I sometimes remove clothing in my sleep even though I always have about 5-6 blankets making a nest around me. Pillows suck though, I have two of them that my head sits in the middle of... sort of like this []my head[] with a small blanket over top of my head to block out any light. Basically, I'd suck to share a bed with. And I always get the bed.

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