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Who Is More Evil?

Who is more evil?  

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  1. 1. Who is more evil?

    • Hitler
    • Stalin

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i think they both had good intentions and are criminally misunderstood.


"levels of evil" made me laugh. good one.



Hitler was insane, and believed he was endowed with mystical powers of the Volk to lead the Aryan race to world domination. And Jews were consipiring to destroy german culture & take over the world. Hitler's an easy read.


Stalin was just a savage a-hole narcissist.

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in those political tests we did in school, i would always get communist. wasn't looked upon well in a school full of capitalists

if we took the same test, i got 50% dead on meaning i am a liberal, but i always took the far right side of the view since everyone in my class were very left wing.

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I did one project on the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada and my Civics teacher labelled me a communist, to the point of telling all my other teachers and muttering 'pinko' when we crossed paths in the halls.

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the test i did was out of 100, but the lowest mark you could get was 20 since every question had a point value. one girl in our class got a 23, and most of the class was in the mid 30s, so i decided to become a hard line right winger for the day.

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i'm going hitler, only because i think hitler was a jerkface to everyone. i think stalin was nice to his family and friends, at least.

Except when he was plotting another "purge" :S



Seriously though, this is hard, both were incredibly evil. Can one really choose which of these terrible people were worse? I think i'd ultimately go with Hitler because he caused probably MORE suffering than Stalin in terms of numbers, but this is a pretty cold way over measuring it.

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