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Hey Folks,


So I've been running this blog site www.inanecomments.com. It started out when a friend of mine wanted to start blogging and I wanted to learn linux, web servers, etc. He's still contributes regularly and there are a couple other guys that post every so often but I am in dire need of content. I've lurked here for years and I think a lot of you would have a lot of interesting things to say. No subject is off limits but I like to keep the content SFW since a lot of the readers check the site at work. Since I know most of you share the same taste in music as I do, cd reviews, concert reviews, etc would be perfect. Most of the contributers send me their posts and I edit and publish them. It's up to you what you want to do. You can send the posts to me and I'll put them up or I could set you up as a user and you can post yourself. What ever is easier for you.


So if you have thought about blogging but didn't want the hassle of taking care of the site have a look at www.inanecomments.com and drop me a line at [email protected]. The traffic of the site hovers around 40-50 visitors/day. We've had peaks of around 150. I am hoping with contributions from you guys that number will increase.


Take care all,


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"I'm mean, sorry d!ckt!ts i'm f**king out c*ntb!tch n!pple-pinch." << there....safe for work.


The guys swear on the site all the time....I just need to tweak some of the posts. I know it loses some luster but who knows if you guys would like to contribute and the site takes off the SFW tag could definitely be removed.

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I've been around for quite a while. I just don't post all that much.


Just wondering if anyone would be interested in blogging for my website....that's all. How about you mrs jesus? The hostility in your posts here would fit right in at inanecomments.

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I'm pretty sure I tried a number of years back to start up a Bored Blog and it fell through due to a) no one wanted to do it and b) I stopped caring about the idea about half an hour after bringing it up.


Then there was the Gayspace knock off Anton was developing that I wrote a Serenity review for.

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2/3 dads get sucked into being "that guy" after having a baby.


unfortunately, he fell into the 66% category



I can totally appreciate that. Moving in with the girl, I found out pretty quick that if it doesn't involve the kids, or cleaning up after the kids, then it just doesn't happen.

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