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Chart Cover

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I dunno I was just looking at it and I was thinking, why isn't he wearing any glasses? Most people, atleast I think, seem to like people without glasses.

The last cover he had didn't seem to have much of a look with the glasses.

Plus I mean more neck as well with a button undone.

Either is the people at chart trying to make Matthew Good appeal to our fashionable sex trend, or Matt just likes being sexy now. lol

Don't ask me why I said that.

You all know I'm just spaced. ;)

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i thought the same thing.

then i scolded myself for thinking a man was trying to be sexy. lol.


Hehe. :angry:


He's so hot on the cover ;). I love it. In fact I demand more sexy MG covers. Take it off, Matt!


I showed the pic to a friend and she commented on how he wasn't wearing glasses as well. There are a lot of pics out there in which he is not wearing glasses though.

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Meh, I take my glasses off for pictures sometimes too, just cause sometimes there's a glare and then you can't see my eyes.


And that my friends, looks creepy.


But Matt should wear his glasses, cause they're kinda like mine (except mine are... girlier), and they look awesome on him.

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I highly doubt Matt is "trying" to be sexy because people who "try" to be sexy - aren't. As for him not wearing his glasses on the cover shot, when doing magazine spreads the photographers take a billion different pictures. I'm sure they had a bunch with his glasses on too, but the magazine gets to decide which picture goes on the cover. Whoever chose the pic may have thought Matt looks sexier without glasses, but its probably something he doesn't even think about. In fact I'm almost 100% sure he doesn't give a shit what he looks like.

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Everyones gotta care about a little bit of how they look. It's why people buy the clothes they buy,comb their hair and have a shower everyday or whenever.

He's got his fashion sense and he was styling his hair for awhile.

I'm not sayingggg myself that he made the cover that way because he didn't but the magazine probably made it that way to catch peoples eyes and be all, whos that guy!? is that matt good?! naw he wears glasses! then they'd look further.

I dunno, just Chart marketing Matthew Good.HMMM?

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