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Google Streetview Now In Canada

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yours truly.



i saw the car another place, but i cant remember.




Also, I saw a car here in Winnipeg but when I go to where I was, it won't let me go into streetview. Maybe it's still a work in progress... or they decided that Winnipeg was boring as fuck and not worth putting up.

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i can see my house now on streetview, but i went outside and the car and camera were nowhere to be seen. then i went back inside, and i could still see my house on the monitor. then i went back outside, and the google car had disappeared again. i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight until i catch the google guy in the act. i will catch him.

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This is how it looks for me:


Haha, Montana is pretty awful.


I have a friend that is from Lethbridge, but goes to school in Calgary now. So I was looking around Calgary in street view for the first time the other day and i couldn't help but laugh at the fact that there were like, 10 to 15 big buildings in downtown. THIS IS DOWNTOWN?!


Meanwhile I am from New York, home of wall to wall buildings. I forget how big NY is sometimes compared to other cities.

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In Calgary, they are currently constructing a 58 story building which will be tallest in the city.


I stayed in a hotel once that started on the 53 storey of a building... But good for Calgary, I'm glad they are trying.

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